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Timeless, individually crafted, reclaimed and recycled timber furniture designed and handmade by furniture artist and recyclepreneur Bruce Keogh.


Pieces are inspired by the unique timbers and grains themselves to produce sustainable furniture assets that have minimal environmental impact.  The industrial flavour is often inspired by the use of interesting salvaged metal relics of bygone eras. This is furniture that not only offers one-off individuality but pride of ownership.  


Creating handcrafted furniture from steel and metal relics and all-Australian timbers such as Blackbutt, Tallowwood, Spotted Gum, Ironbark and Hoop Pine reclaimed from historically interesting homes, factories and public utilities such as wharves and bridges, each piece is not just ‘furniture’ but a true part of history, repurposed to give new life and a new future.  



Beyond the masses… beyond consumerism are the discerning folk… those that value our earth’s native treasures.  Those that choose a little more wisely and practise habits that give rather than take.  Those that reject mass-produced sterile uniformity and societal norms, in favour of the unique and different.  Those that express their style and individuality in a way that others can only envy.  They are our thought leaders, our visionaries, our crafty foxes who seek out the smarter alternatives.  They recognise they are not just purchasing furniture, but they are the curators of a piece of life’s timeless treasures.  They feel proud to be a part of each piece’s unique journey in this new chapter of its life.

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Visit our display at Peace of Green Artists Collective Gallery at Maleny in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Shop located at 38 Maple Street

(main street just up the hill from IGA on the right side)


Open 7 days 9.30am – 4.00pm

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Houzz -Crafty Fox Furniture

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