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An avid recyclepreneur, Bruce Keogh is passionate about taking something old and

re-crafting it into something new and beautiful.  As a ten year old boy, you would find him scavenging the local tips to find useful items he could recondition and repurpose.  Bruce found a market for his restored bicycles selling to his friends, giving him a sense of satisfaction from using his creative talents.  

Q&A with bruce

Q: What gives you the most satisfaction from creating your pieces?

A:  While I love scavenging for interesting metal relics, it's working with the recycled timber that gives me the most satisfaction. Knowing Australian hardwood is amongst the most beautiful and durable timbers in the world is one thing. Knowing this timber is 100% eco friendly is hugely important to me. This is timber milled a century ago from trees hand-felled with minimal environmental impact. This is not Australian deforestation timber. This is not regrowth plantation timber. This is not timber imported from environmentally, ethically or legally dubious sources. Recycled timber is something you can feel good about and proud to own.


Q: Where do you like to source your timber from?

A: I source my timber from demolition yards across Brisbane. For me, these are magical places where magnificent native hardwood with superb colours and grains from species like Blackbutt, Tallowwood, Spotted Gum and Ironbark have been reclaimed from historically interesting homes, factories and public utilities such as wharves and bridges.    


Q: What influences the designs you create?

A: I don’t go shopping for timber - I go exploring. I don’t have a shopping list with timber dimensions and quantities - I just rely on my creative instincts.   The ideas come as I see certain timber with form, character, colour and texture. Sometimes, highly weathered wood inspires. Sometimes beautiful grains are asking for a high quality finish. It is as if the timber talks to me, giving me ideas.  


Q: What inspires you about using recycled timber furniture?

A; What inspires me about recycled furniture is what it is not. It is not mainstream. It is not mass produced. It is not imported. It is not made of veneered particle board.  It is individually designed. It is handcrafted. It is durable and made to last. It is truly Australian and unique.  It’s an asset.


Q: Who acquires your pieces?

A:  People who value being unique and different when others are mainstream. People who chose ethically and responsibly as much as they choose for function or fashion.  People with environmental consciences who buy, valuing the long-term benefits of sustainable choices.

Bruce grew up to operate a production nursery in Northeast Victoria, propagating millions of native seedlings for revegetation and farm forestry forging a love for our Australian native species and a strong environmental commitment.  


Today, Bruce can be found handcrafting beautiful, imaginative furniture from recycled, environmentally friendly, magnificent Australian timbers and repurposed metal objects.  Preferring to let the timber ‘talk’ to him, his designs are inspired by the character, colour, textures and forms to create individual pieces.  Inspired by the very timbers themselves, Bruce is truly a furniture artist.

Hardwood timber pieces

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